16 Jul

This will be my final blog for Future Finders; as many of you know, I will be leaving New Bridge at the end of this term.  The decision has not been an easy one but I have made it in order to ensure the best for my family.  Many of you will be aware that I have a little boy who in a year’s time will himself start school.  It is for these personal reasons that this decision has been made.

Future Finders is an invaluable sector in the New Bridge Group.  The amazing staff push the students to reach their full potential and our young people thrive with these amazing opportunities.  The college caters for so many different needs and our skilled team personalises the learning for all, so that each and every student has the best possible outcome.  I know that the provision at the college will grow from strength to strength.

The college will not be left without suitable leadership, as Rebeckah Hollingsworth, a member of the Executive Team, will lead the college for the interim period while a new head is appointed.

I would like to wish you all the best for the summer and for all those students leaving Future Finders – all the very best for your futures.

Finally, my thanks has to go to the amazing staff that I have had the privilege of working with over the last 6 years.  The job that these staff do on a daily basis makes New Bridge the Outstanding provision that it is.

I will look forward to reading the heads’ blogs from all the sites to see what amazing things our young people are up to next year.

Take care and please all have a safe summer.


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