11 Jun

Welcome back to the final half term of the year.

What a year it has been – a year of virtual/remote learning; bubble closures and modifying the curriculum offer.

This week you would have noticed that I have sent out a letter regarding COVID; with the rise in infection rates I ask that we continue to carry out the lateral flow testing and report these to the college; for those learners who access the local community at lunch time that they also ensure that they follow government guidelines of hands, face, space.

I will now hand you over to Anne-Marie for an update on what our Future Finders have been busy with this week..

Welcome back everyone!! We hope you have had a fab half term, enjoying the sun!

So this is our final term and Future Finders have been working hard to achieve their future goals. We have been out on placement down at AVRO and David Lloyd which has been amazing.

In college we have been working hard on preparing for our upcoming Maths and English exams, as well as completing our final bits of iHasco training. Miss Asbury wanted to share a special update from her English sessions..

A huge ‘shout out’ this week for our Future Finders students, Jade and Nathan. They have taken part in a series of English interventions involving talking about their experiences on work placement and they have integrated this with their English curriculum. They have been making fabulous sentences using ‘cool conjunctions’ word tiles and solving word problems. The progress they have made with their writing has been amazing to witness and they are a great team!

They co-created a story about taking over the world with their new café business! Nathan loves to read and Jade loves to bake so their café will have books for everyone and tasty cupcakes to share. Following the interests of our learners is a fundamental area of our curriculum and we are happy with the impact this has on our young people.

We are incredibly proud of these two; their creativity and determination has been amazing and their happy faces say it all! Well done to Jade and Nathan.

We have begun to look at an additional unit this week of Job Searching Skills which has been helping our Future Finders students to focus on Job Searching and the skills that they need to apply for those all-important positions. There have been so many jobs applied for over this last week – I have my fingers crossed for all of you!

We also had a visit from the police this week. They came in to have a chat with all the groups in the college but I will hand over to Mrs Nelson to fill you in on that one..

This week Mrs Nelson arranged for the local police to complete some intervention work around drugs, the dangers of taking them or even carrying them for someone else. They discussed why some people may decide to follow a criminal route, how they react when caught, the process of being arrested and possibly the length of time that they would receive for the crimes that they commit.

Knife crime is said to be on the increase, so discussions were held about what they have seen from past real life experiences and the consequences of carrying anything that resembles a dangerous object that could potentially involve the firearms team being called. The police officers also spoke about car crime and vandalism, verbal and threatening behaviours towards others and social media. Students now know that if they send a message that might not be so kind or even threatening towards somebody and they delete it, that it can always be retrieved by the police.

Long discussions were held around radicalisation and how criminals may try and engage younger people by befriending them and buying them nice things in return to push things like drugs for them.

All students remained engaged and found all the information given informative. I would like to say a huge well done! The level of maturity and politeness of our students shone through and the police officers commented on how well you all supported each other, a lovely college that we have and they will pop in for a brew when passing.

Don’t forget that the next meeting of our Parent Group will be held on Wednesday 30th June on the college site at 1.30pm. Why not come and join us? You can meet other parents, have a chat, a cake and a cup of tea! Our first Parent Group meeting was held virtually and it was lovely to hear and share experiences from our parents and governors. If there is anything specific you as a parent would like to be discussed at the meeting, you can email Mrs Nelson on nnelson@newbridgegroup.org and she will try her utmost to support this.

What a busy first week back – with it being the last term, it will only get busier!

Have a fab, restful weekend everyone!!!

Jaina, Anne-Marie and the team

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