21 May

This week many of students have been very excited as we have let them go into Oldham at lunch time when they have not been out on placement. For some of our students who are not independent, the college staff team have supported the students to access this provision.

Our new placement at Avro is going really well and the students are really enjoying working there. Our job coach Diane has the latest update for us..

This is our second week in at Avro and the place is unrecognisable, so many changes to the grounds – a new VIP area, new equipment and everywhere is being cleaned and painted. Our students have made a massive contribution to maintaining the grounds, buildings and pitches, cleaning and helping Ged out.

During our first week, we introduced some of our new students to the staff and they are quickly becoming valuable members of the team. We have also had the opportunity to clean Anthony Corolla’s gym again due to the bad weather which has had us back to working indoors.

The lads really enjoy this as they can put their music on – Brandon was dancing as he worked, which was the highlight of my week. They also had a visit from Anthony the boxer himself, he is really pleased with their work ethic and how they are keeping the gym clean and tidy.

This week it’s been a bit up and down with the weather, we’ve gone from rain to hailstones, sunny, cloudy and then back to lashing it down. The students have been in and out of the VIP lounge although they are not put off by the weather – as Josh says, “it’s only a bit of rain”. Over the week, they have maintained the grounds, cut trees, painted and sorted out the gym. They have worked really well and worked up that much of an appetite that a chippy dinner is becoming the norm.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the students this week for helping Ged the maintenance guy, engaging with the staff, improving your social skills, asking for new jobs, becoming independent and generally having a laugh whilst working, you can’t ask for better therapy than that. The lads even managed a kick about at lunch.

Let’s hope we have better weather next week and can get on with our work in the sunshine and stay outdoors – fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you all on Monday!

Jaina and the team

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