14 May

Futures Finders have been working hard in class this week with a big focus on Mental Health and Well Being. We spent time watching a documentary recently televised on BBC with Roman Kemp.

Here is the link: BBC Three – Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency

This was a great chance for all our learners to engage and understand the importance of talking and asking for help you need it.

Nic Nelson, our Pastoral Co-ordinator, has started up the Ladies Group this week and Jade has been and joined them! I’ll hand over to Nic for her to tell you all what they got up to.

Hi everyone, the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Nature’ and how it can help us all to feel well. Being able to access nature and the natural environment is incredibly important in looking after our mental health. Spending time in nature or bringing nature into our lives in any way we can, whatever our situation helps us to:

  • feel happy, calm, settled and relaxed
  • manage uncomfortable feelings like worry and stress
  • keep our bodies healthy which helps our minds to feel good;
  • make connections with others and the world around us
  • learn a new skill or new knowledge and therefore feel good about ourselves

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain  🌧

Mrs Nelson’s Ladies Group completed a lovely piece of edible work made from rolled icing that was themed around Nature. The Group suggested making trees with flowers rather than leaves.

  • Zulaika made some beautiful ladybirds which were very intricate.
  • Abigail made a large pink flower by hand.
  • Jade enjoyed manipulating and rolling out the icing to make little flowers and pressing the bark tool to make a tree stump effect.
  • Danielle made the grass and made some lovely butterflies.

Well done ladies, the nature scene looks amazing!

Why not try writing your own Nature journal which I have attached here!

We will be out next week keeping busy on placements and we will update you on what we have been up whilst we have been there in our next blog.

Just a reminder that Future Finders who are LFT testing are allowed out in to the community from Monday to go and get their dinners with the consent of parents. This will be on a rota basis, so not all bubbles are leaving the college together. If you have not already done so, please can parents fill in the consent form sent via ParentApp or drop Anne-Marie a text to confirm students are allowed off site. This is in addition to previous consents given, so remember we need consent before students can go out for their dinners!

I will leave you with some wonderful tips on promoting healthy minds..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you all on Monday!

Anne-Marie & Team

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