30 Apr

It has been a great week at Future Finders. We have been busy working hard on our Employability qualifications and completing those outstanding questions and gathering the evidence needed in order for us to complete our Open Awards. Some of our Future Finders students have also been working on completing their iHasco Training that is enabling them to further develop their skills and understanding of key skills that employers may look for.

We have, this week, at long last been able to begin to access some of our placements. I will hand you over to Maria who has been back down to AVRO Football Club with some of our students this week..

The first day back on placement at Avro Football Club today for Future Finders and it was a busy day. We met at 10am at the club and went to find the groundsman Jed so that he could let us into the box to drop our belongings and put on our PPE. Once we were ready we got together the equipment we would need and set to cleaning the changing rooms, both home and away. It was quite a big job and took all 5 of us until 11.30am.

We then gathered all our painting equipment in the wheelbarrow and set off to the stand to re-paint the back walls and dividing walls. We worked solidly until 2.15pm and managed to get ¾ of it done so that tomorrow we can carry on with the rest of the perimeter walls. Lots of hard work but the students enjoyed the day and we were outside getting lots of fresh air.

Another day another job. This morning we tackled more of the perimeter wall so we are almost all the way across and it looks fantastic. The weather began to close in and so we went into the gym to do some cleaning. It’s quite a big space so it took us a while but we got there in the end.

We are starting another new placement next week and had our initial visit this week when I took 2 students for an hour to get to know the site and meet the staff – more of that next week!

Joshua has been back down at David Lloyd this week where he has settled back in, getting to know the new routines, which is great news!

We have also been lucky enough to secure another placement in Oldham Town Centre, but we will tell you more about this one next week!

It is Bank Holiday weekend….so enjoy the long weekend everyone!!

Have a great weekend and we will see you Tuesday morning.

Anne-Marie & Team

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