01 Apr

This term has not been like any other – we returned on the 4th January with the announcement of the third lockdown for the country. This was a challenging time for us all but thanks to the support from all our families, staff and students we worked to ensure that the learners at the college did not miss out.

We ensured that we kept the learning to the set timetable and all staff ensured that students were able to access ‘live’ teaching sessions. I am ever so grateful to the amazing staffing team at the college who ensured that they supported the direction of flow – they made calls home and ensured that students were able to engage with the learning. Where needed, we made adaptations and the staff team thought out of the norm. You will see the amazing work that our students have managed to produce over these challenging few months.

Even with lockdown the college Senior Leadership Team have continued to work on refining the college curriculum; we have continued to ensure that students who are able to achieve set qualifications have the time and quality of teaching to enable this to happen. College life may be different and it has shown me as a leader how remarkable our young people are. I am overwhelmed by the positivity they bring to the college and their desire to move forward in everything they do. Here is Anne-Marie to tell you more..

It has been a busy term this one, even though we have been in lockdown! Everything has been carried out virtually. We met every morning, working on our well-being and mental health and setting us up for the day ahead!

All work for Employability this term has been focusing on Customer Service. What is good customer service? How do we need to act around customers? How does Customer Service affect a business? All the students have done an amazing job in completing their work virtually! Well done to you all.

Over the last term Miss Asbury has done her lessons with the Future Finders group. They have been focusing on Climate Change. All students have got work to complete that will help them towards their Climate Change debate – when listening to them all talk about it during the virtual session, this is clearly something that you all feel passionate about and you will have no problem debating the issues and no doubt coming up with a few solutions.

Well-being continued to be worked on, from discussing feelings, ideas to keep healthy and educational programmes that you can watch.

We normally hand out our ‘Worker of the Week’ award to one of our students but in appreciation of all our parents, we awarded them an honorary ‘Worker of the Week’. They have and continue to support both their children and our staff team, all whilst doing their own jobs and lives. Their support and understanding has been amazing! Remember, if there is anything we can do for you, please get in touch.

This last week of term saw us handing out a bumper clutch of ‘Worker of the Week’ awards for a number of different things, from innovative ideas to providing Jaffa Cakes to keep us going:

National Careers Week took place during lockdown. We spent time looking at various career opportunities and what training we would have to carry out to reach our goals! The link for the National Careers Week website is still available here: ncw2020.co.uk/home-learning

This term saw us engaging with World Book Day, discussing our favourite books and what types of genres we like and there was a vast difference, from comics and annuals to adventure books and how when we have read a book that has been turned into a film. I asked the group to complete a Book Review of their favourite book. Matthew came back with his, using the 5 W’s that he had been using in English.

Over the last week we have taken part in Teen Tech City of Tomorrow, coming up with ideas and designs for our future buildings, using various technologies and eco systems to run them. Feedback day saw Matthew getting some excellent feedback on his design of his Entertainment Centre..

..and Hasnain for his Greenhouse Project..

There was more from Teen Tech this week with a special Space Project day – Matthew certainly dressed for the work!

We have also taken part in a Careers Speaker talk with Dan Noon – Dan, who has Asperger’s, Autism and Learning Difficulties, currently works for Network Rail and he visited us (virtually), to tell us all about his experiences and how he managed to secure his job working with Network Rail.

We didn’t get many pictures of this session as we were too busy listening intently to what he had to say and the advice he had to give.

Have a restful Easter and we will see you all on the 19th April!

Anne-Marie and Team

Mrs Nelson has some exciting news for us..

This term we held our first Parent Group meeting virtually. It was lovely to hear and share experiences from our parents and governors. I very much look forward to engaging with you in the upcoming term and arranging those key services to gain information to support you as a family. If you as a parent would like anything specific to be supported on within the Parent Group, you can email me on nnelson@newbridgegroup.org. I will try my utmost to support this.

The next meeting will be in June on the college site and invites will be sent nearer the time. Why not come and join us? You can meet other parents, have a chat, a cake and a cup of tea!

If you would like to join the New Bridge College Parent Group you can contact Mrs Nelson who will gladly provide you with more information.

Have a wonderful Easter, Nicola

Finally, I have to thank the college staff team – their determination and commitment to the students cannot be doubted. Thank you to them all for all their support. After the Easter break, I am hoping to ensure that core curriculum staff will be able to move about groups and teach their subjects. I am also hoping that the staff who are having to shield as they are CEV will be able to return to site – they have been missed. We will continue to support all our young people in the best way possible.

I would like to wish you all a good Easter – I am looking forward to some of these restrictions being lifted so that I can see my family that I have not seen for a very long time.

Jaina and the Team

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