12 Mar

This week we welcomed all our learners back onto site.

Firstly, thank you to those families and students that have been carrying out the twice weekly testing – it helps to ensure that we can continue to keep the college environment safe for all.

For those that are not testing and would like to, please get in touch with Shanaye Mainoo who will be able to support you with this.

Monday morning, sat in class, welcoming all our students back to College, it was great to see them all in person. Little did we know that we would be home again by the middle of the week (you can see the letter we sent home here) and back to home learning. As always, and I know I have said this many times before, our Future Finders rose to the challenge.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know some were frustrated, I know some felt safer, I know some felt anxious and still do and all the those feelings are valid, there is no right or wrong way to deal with this but it is important to remember, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING and have the resilience to get through this. The work that you have continued to do and your engagement in lessons shows just that.


We started off the week working on settling back in – looking at work completed over lockdown and working through being back at College and getting back into routines.

Home learning began again on Wednesday and we picked up where we left off. Students continued throughout the week to work on their Employability work on Customer Service.

As well as their Employability work, the students have been given the opportunity to complete some Continual Professional Development in certain areas of Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Customer Service. Over this last week, some of the students have been doing this work and completing their tests.

I have also put a coping calendar on Showbie – just some ideas of what we can do to get through this time. I have asked the students to have a look, they don’t need to do them all, but to have a go.

I am continuing to put job opportunities on Showbie in our Jobs folder for all students to see and apply for. Links are below for Search Engines that the students can use to continue to look for work:

The link for National Careers Week is still live – all recorded sessions are on there and opportunities to look for work that could be available:

Moving forward for next week, all the students will continue to access their work and virtual lessons on Showbie. All Showbie codes and groups are the same as in lockdown.

Have a great weekend and we will see you virtually Monday morning.

Anne-Marie & Team

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